Tea diffusion & Osmosis

Tea dispersion and Osmosis happens whether you utilize free leaves or tea packs, yet there are some outstanding contrasts between the two. Osmosis is the point at which the water flows  through the tea pack (the penetrable film) and the tea leaves break down (diffuse) all through the water, turning the water dark colored.

At the point when given room to grow, free tea leaves swell to their full limit, making more space for water to stream in and extricate every one of those alluring mixes. Tea that comes prepackaged in a sack, then again, just has such a great amount of space to develop, and the quality endures therefore. This is the reason some tea organizations have begun offering tea in roomier, pyramid-formed sacks, however the size issues more than the shape.

Be that as it may, even before the tea touches the water, there’s a distinction in quality. Free leaf tea generally comprises of entire leaves, while most teabags are loaded with broken bits of tea leaves called tidy or fannings, which have less-nuanced flavors and infuse fewer antioxidants than entire leaves, regardless of to what extent you let them soak.

So in the event that you have a decision, run with free leaf. However, in the event that tea packs are all you have close by, don’t try changing your steeping strategy: The distinction in taste and antioxidants isn’t something that can be settled with a couple of additional minutes, and as per Sang, you ought to take after the same soaking times for both tea sacks and free leaf.

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