Detox naturally

Detoxification, or detox for short, is the process of eliminating toxins from your body. Toxins surround you and your body and can be absorbed through the air, the food you eat, and pollution. Detoxification, contrary to common perception, is a natural process.


The body has systems for detoxification, and the process involves different functions. You can enhance and optimize this process by reducing your intake of toxins. Keep in mind that there are two types of toxins: controllable and uncontrollable.


The controllable toxins are which you take in via food, water, and from the environment around you. You can reduce your intake of these toxins in a bid to help your body detoxify. Generally, people focus on external cleanliness more than cleansing their bodies. Do remember that a detox is not the same as cleansing. You might brush your teeth or dust your home, but that doesn’t mean you can get rid of all the toxins that surround you. Sometimes, people don’t realize that their body is unable to deal with the toxins on its own. The mechanisms break down and you are left with a toxin buildup. This is where you can opt for a detox tea.


Detox tea contains the following materials

Ampelopsis grossedentata leaves

– anti-oxidation, postpone senility, immunity enhancement;

– protecting and improving hepatic function;

– reducing blood pressure, reducing blood glucose and blood fat;

– promoting the metabolism of decomposition and irritant;

– preventing tumour;

– preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Perilla fruit

– qi-descending and phlegm-resolving therapy;

– relieving cough and asthma;

– moistening the intestines.

Lotus leaves

– promote intestinal peristalsis, releasing toxins;

– diuretic, health cellulite;

– rich tea leptin, enhance the metabolism.

Folium sennae

– cleaning heat;

– running inhibition;

– facilitating feces excretion;

-promoting urination.

Semem Cassiae

– It can significantly reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels, increased high-density lipoprotein, lower LDL. Liver eyesight, laxative. It is a good helper to lose weight detox.


  • – antisepsis and sterilization;
  • – diuresis and resolving phlegm;
  • – strengthening spleen;
  • – helping digestion.
 Well, this doesn’t mean that you can’t tweak your dietary routine to achieve long-term weight loss results. The difference is that you must take the detox route rather than just deprive your body of calories.

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